I Underlandet

Record Details

Drömflygare was released the 28th of Oktober 2015 and is I Underlandet’s second record.
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 “What is most striking is the incredible interaction between the two. I have rarely heard two instrument parts so neatly twine a silver lined melody.”
Lira, Ulf Johanson
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“Filmic folk music finding new directions”
Göteborgs Fria, Tobias Magnusson
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“The tone is set already in the opening track, ‘Guldpolskan’, where they show an extensive range. Here, as in the rest of the record the music is propelled by the interaction between the violin and piano, in an effortless and enjoyable way.”
Tidningen Kulturen, Robert Halvarsson

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“a reach towards jazz and chamber music that feels fresh. […] It is very fitting in these disturbed times..”

DN 4/5, Po Tidholm

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