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Music Video: Fantasi i G

Music video filmed by Marcelo Biglia in the autumn light of Östersund.
Beautiful photo that really enhances the song's poetic qualities.

Live Excerpts

Selections from live performances in 2015. A quick overview of our musical world.

Live at Kristallen, Regndans & Intuition

Two songs from the new album 'Drömflygare' performed live at the lovely
Chandelier Room at Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, September 2015

Utan Ord, feat. Fanny Kivimäki

Dancer/choreographer Fanny Kivimäki made a guest appearance at our release concert 28okt 2015

Polska after Jon Andersson

From final concert at Fanø Free Folk Festival at Fajancen 2013.
Also a final concert for the concertina which has been traded for an even
lovelier Edeophone concertina. The song is a värmländsk polska

Norrmannen, feat. Magnus Vikberg

Here is a version of our song Norrmannen. The duo is enhanced by jazz drummer
and master improviser Magnus Vikberg. Filmed in Stockholm, April 2012, by Marcelo Biglia.
Magnus Vikberg, drums, Anna Cochrane, violin, Erik Dahl, piano

Ballad dagen efter, feat. Lina Persson

Collaboration with modern dancer Lina Persson at our release concert 2012.
Nice spatial elaborations and also wonderful musical guests.
Lina Persson, dance, Anna Cochrane, violin, Erik Dahl, piano,
Jonathan Larsson, accordion, Viktor Turegård, bass. Film: Carl Ternstedt

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